Getting healthy

One of my recent discoveries was this book by Kayla Itsines:

I was browsing the bookstore looking for… a healthy meal plan actually. I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat every day, so that was one less decision I had to make. But every book with a meal plan that I looked at had food that I would never eat or couldn’t be bothered making.

Kayla’s book was the only book I found that even remotely resembled what I like to eat and that involved only a reasonable effort to make/cook. It has been a huge hit in our house as the recipes are close to how we already eat, just a bit healthier and more varied. My daughter has tagged almost every page.

I was a bit put off initially because her program was called “the bikini body guide” (BBG). I really hate that kind of thing. Then I saw a video recently where she said that she regrets that name. She meant feeling comfortable in a bikini no matter what size you were. It was based on what all her clients said. They said they wanted to feel comfortable in a bikini. Anyway, it looks like she is moving away from that name and is moving to the brand name of “Sweat”. (And boy do I sweat when I follow her exercise plan!)

Kayla also has an app, Sweat, which I am trying out this week. It is similar to, but not the same as, the exercise plan in her book but more interactive. I’m also trying out the app Strong to record my weight sessions at the gym based upon the weights program I started with the hospital physio. I’m not sure which of the options is the best so I’m doing her plan and the hospital plan on alternate days.

Plus I’m doing the C25K program (another app) on alternate days. Originally I was told that the degenerated disc in my back meant I would never run again. However after a few years it seems to have settled down. After doing lots of back and core exercises, plus starting slow with the C25K, I seem to be ok to run again. This is very exciting.

Exercise is so important. After not being able to exercise for so long, and having to build up my health again so slowly, I finally feel like I’m getting back to normal. A new normal but I am very grateful nevertheless.


  1. These look like great suggestions. Thanks. Since retirement and some minor health issues I’m trying to stave off weight gain. We already eat very healthy since my husband’s heart surgery. But I am not moving as much as I did when I worked full time as a high school teacher. All that arm waving and talking and running up and down stairs burns a lot of calories. And here in Canada it’s sooo tempting in the winter to just tuck into a book instead of going outside. I’m going to try those aps.

    • The C25k is definitely my favourite. The “Strong” app is kind of clunky, and “sweat” is only free for 7 days. Let me know if you find something better!

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