Over 40. Overdue.

I finally got around to reviewing my list of Over 40 Style blogs. There are a couple of new sites, plus I removed some sites that haven’t been updated in a while.

My favourites – the style blogs that I regularly visit.

  1. Girls of a Certain Age – Interesting links and fashion finds from Kim France.
  2. That’s Not My Age – Entertaining articles on style from Alyson Walsh.
  3. The Online Stylist – Classy fashion finds from a fashion industry insider.
  4. Styling You – Nikki Parkinson keeps it real. I love her Model and Mes.
  5. Allways in Fashion – Interesting writing about style with clever images.

Bookmark worthy – I don’t visit these sites every week, but I visit them when I have time to kill.

  1. A key to the Armoire – Classy OOTD site with a focus on colour combinations.
  2. A Pocketful of Polka Dots – How to look fabulous with bright red hair.
  3. A Well Styled Life – OOTD and style advice.
  4. Accidental Icon – Smart and fabulous.
  5. Ask Suzanne Bell – I like the look of this site.
  6. Brenda Kinsel – Love her style.
  7. Cab for Mrs Mutton – Funny fashion writing. Infrequent posts.
  8. Cashmere Lover – Lots of beautiful runway and designer images
  9. Catherine GraceO – Very fashionable.
  10. Chic over 50 – Great hair. Interesting style.
  11. Does my bum look 40 in this – *Kat shops a lot and I like her funny writing.
  12. Ephemera – One awesome wardrobe.
  13. Everything Just So – Link up to “How I Wear…”
  14. Fabulous After 40 – Magazine-like style advice from Deborah Boland.
  15. Fashion Should be Fun – Fun, wearable OOTDs with style blog link ups.
  16. Funky FortyNEW
  17. High Heels in the Wilderness – A mix of blog with OOTD.
  18. Highland Fashionista – *One of the cooler OOTD sites.
  19. Inside Out Style BlogImogen Lamport is a style consultant.
  20. Jacket Society  – I like the look of this site.
  21. J’Adore Couture – *One of the better OOTD blogs.
  22. Keeping it Fabulous – Fashion and lifestyle. NEW.
  23. Kremb de la Kremb – Great fashion articles and links.
  24. Look for the Woman – Women at work.
  25. Mama in Heels – An inspiring mum blog with OOTD and food.
  26. Midlife Chic  – I like the look of this site.
  27. More Than Turquoise  – I like the look of this site.
  28. My Small Wardrobe – OOTD blog. Great style.
  29. Not Dressed as Lamb – *One of the better OOTD sites.
  30. Privilege – An interesting combination of ideas and fashion.
  31. RetroChicMama – I like the look of this site.
  32. She She Show – I like the look of this site.
  33. Silver is the New Blonde  – I like the look of this site.
  34. So What to Twenty – Californian OOTD with some inspirational writing
  35. Square Pearls – *Love her style.
  36. Style Crone – Another fabulous OOTD site
  37. Style Nudge – One of the better style sites with great OOTDs and links to other sites.
  38. Stylish Paradox  – I like the look of this site.
  39. Susan after 60 – Classy OOTD. Previously “Fifty not frumpy”.
  40. Tamera Beardsley – *A love-filled website. Inspiring words and styling.
  41. Tanya Foster – I like the look of this site.
  42. The Age of Grace – Lovely OOTD. Very stylish.
  43. The Art Muse – Gorgeous images and OOTD.
  44. The Barefaced Chic – A mix of blog and OOTD photos from Yorkshire.
  45. The Elle Diaries – New York OOTD site.
  46. The Middle Page – I like the look of this site.
  47. The Midlife Fashionista – I like the look of this site.
  48. The Silver Stylist – I like the look of this site.
  49. The Vivienne Files – This site has loads of polyvore type outfit ideas.
  50. Trend Survivor – An inspiring Lifestyle website that includes food and fashion.
  51. Une Femme d’un Certain Age – Realistic, stylish OOTD and fashion finds.
  52. Valley of the Shoes – Some really great OOTD. Not so much about shoes.
  53. You Look Fab – Style advice by Angie Cox.

I haven’t updated this list in a while because I haven’t been interested in fashion or style or lifestyle for a while. Since April actually. Since my last operation which kind of broke me for a while. But I guess the fact that I have updated this list is a good sign.

I’m kind of bummed that a sign of my improving mental health is that I like fashion and shopping again. 🙂  It’s not exactly solving world hunger.

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