Making plans

I love stationery. It saddens me how little stationery I use now that I have my mobile phone and my google calendar (that I share with my family so everyone gets the notifications and can see what is on).

The one thing I do still like to do on paper is my own personal to do list / day planner. So at the start of the day I decide what things from my loooong to do/ wish list I’m actually capable of doing that day. If I don’t do this at the start of each day then, when I cross things off the list, I feel guilty that I still have so much on my list. By setting realistic plans at the start of each day, I get to feel good about getting something done, even if there is still heaps to do .

Anyways… I’m looking for a new agenda for next year. Here’s some of my favourites:

Migoals always includes goal setting sections:

You can’t go wrong with Moleskin (I like the weekly format):

Kikki.k is always good quality paper and clean designs:

Rifle Papers agendas look very classy with their tabs and sophisticated font:

I like the gold cover of this Poketo agenda:

I also think that Japanese stationery is worth checking out, such as these agendas from Milligrams:

Scratch and Jotter have these simple pads which actually match pretty much how I currently plan my days:

It’s so hard to choose. It’s so easy for me to waste hours browsing stationery, especially Japanese stationery.

The other option I am considering is to start a Bullet Journal, but I suspect this is something I would start and then eventually give up on. Or become addicted. I’m not sure which would be worse.

(Get started on bullet journals here).

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