I like Joanna Gaines

Is anyone else out there a Fixer Upper fan? Of course there must be millions. The show is doing so well.

fixer upper

For Mothers Day I just bought myself her most recent book:

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave


I find their productivity astonishing. I don’t get how they do it and remain apparently nice people. I haven’t even started my house renovations and I’m so dreading it. I guess some people just enjoy that kind of thing. Plus I have a day job, whereas if it was your only job maybe it would be more fun than stressful? Nah. Still don’t get it.

fixer upper kitchen

I’ve started reading the book and I really enjoy it. I do like a coffee table book. Since I’ve had cancer and done chemo I have a lot less tolerance for fiction. I know that characters have to go through an arc, go on a journey, learn something. I know that without drama it is just dull. But I kind of need dull at the moment. Dull is good. (In fact I think that is why I like some of those epic, modern American writers like Meg Wolitzer and Jonathan Franzen. Nothing much happens.)

fixer upper 2

And you know, in the book she talks a lot at the start about home is a place of safety, where you can be your real self. That’s kind of what I need at the moment too.

fixer upper 3

In my dreams Joanna Gaines would come and fix up my fixer upper house in Australia. But it looks like – as with everything else in my life – I’m going to have to do it myself.