Has anyone missed the recent Celinaissance?

Every time I see Celine and her “best friend” I want to cheer.

Celine is the poster child for me for “post traumatic growth”. She clearly deeply loved her husband. Now here she is doing what exactly so many of us would do. Or maybe it is just me? If I had buckets money, kids grown up and I lost my husband. I’m glad she’s not lonely. I’m glad she is having fun. She’s inspirational.

Celine Dion is Our Patron Saint of Being Weird and Loving Yourself Anyway

“it feels to me that at this time of my life I can step forward and if I’m given the opportunity, it’s now or never…..”

Dion recently enlisted the help of stylist/”image architect” Law Roach—the man-about-town responsible for the wardrobes of Ruby Rose, Ariana Grande and budding fashion darling Zendaya—to update her look.

This explains so much. I love Zendaya too. She has a similar almost costumey style of dressing which is fun and interesting.

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