I like a tall tote

So my hunt for the perfect tote bag continues…

I want something with a shoulder strap, thin, not too bulky, a rectangle in portrait mode, lined, with some pockets, no cutesy patterns, professional but some design feature.

That’s all.

The portrait mode rectangle works well when commuting on public transport. If you are standing in a crush this shape means you aren’t hitting everyone with your bag. I find shoulder straps safer too as the bag opening is under your arm pit making it harder to rob. Sometimes I carry two laptops and you really need the shoulder straps to deal with the added weight.

I love this nod to grid paper on this canvas tote:

This Rebecca Minkoff bag is a tad too big but very tempting:

Or this more hobo style also from Rebecca Minkoff is another great option:

I hadn’t seen notabags before. While I should really be getting a backpack to carry my work stuff, I just think they are too ugly. This might be a great option as it works as a tote, but can be converted to be a backpack if need be.

This Feed bag is unfortunately too wide and thick, and the straps aren’t quite long enough, but it is a great cause (also the Tote 10):

I like this reworking of the canvas tote in leather by Vince Camuto:

(I love the show, Say Yes to the Dress. At this stage I’m like one of the brides saying, I love this but I don’t know if it is the one).

Ooooh. Fjallraven. Very close to perfect. It has it all function-wise. I may be saying yes to this tote, but it is very plain.

I think for a work bag, function does have to rule over form, but it would be nice to have some decorative features.

Maybe I just need some bag tassels? 😁

Kind of like when they bling up the bride with the veil.