I like trainers

In the age of online shopping, a good brand makes purchasing easier as you trust whatever they will deliver meets your expectations.

One such company for me is Blowfish shoes, which just work with my feet, are comfortable and I like their style. It’s why I purchase their shoes each year.

These pink sneakers are my current favourites but I also have a white pair in a slip on style which my daughter hates, but I love them enough to not care and wear them anyway:

Superga trainers are another repeat purchase.

Superga have better underfoot padding than Converses (but not as much as Blowfish).

I still love the classic white Converse look:

My Ash trainer / ankle boots are my favourite shoes ever (earning my lifetime award). If ever there was an item of clothing that I continued to wear even if they went out of style and no longer suited me, these would be it:

Some brands I haven’t tried before but which are tempting me…


Vejas (the recent fashion micro trend, where presumably since I know about it, it is already over):

It used to be that after a certain age trainers were no longer appropriate. Certainly the current ugly trainer trend (cough, Victoria Beckham) is not one I care to adopt. But I expect I will be wearing jeans until I die, just with increasingly elastic fabrics, and I reckon trainers always look good with jeans. So there’s no way I will stop buying them anytime soon.

I will be dying with my trainers on!