There are many things I dislike about Australia but also lots of things to love.

One thing I love is our language. We are so influenced by America and England, yet still maintain our own culture, reflected in our language.

Australians do say:

  • Arvo for afternoon
  • Service station or petrol station for gas station
  • Gday – not so often but we do say it.
  • Mate – often to lighten a harsh word or when you forget someone’s name
  • Bumbag for fanny pack
  • Thongs for flip flops
  • Doona for duvet
  • Chips for crisps and hot chips
  • Barbie for bbq
  • Ice block for popsicle
  • Maccas for MacDonald’s
  • Skivvy for polo shirt
  • Trackies or tracky dacks for tracksuit pants
  • Pants for trousers
  • underpants for underwear
  • Fairy floss for cotton candy

What we don’t say (or no one I know does or super rare):

  • Crikey
  • The c word
  • Fair dinkum
  • Koalas aren’t really called drop bears.

We do like vegemite. Like I love it. Alot.