Style Crush: Cindy Crawford

Of all the celebrities, Cindy Crawford and Elle Macpherson are the two 80s/90s models that have the body shape resembling mine – only 4 dress sizes smaller.


Still I find both inspiration and reassurance in seeing what they wear now, both in the street and dressed up.

Firstly for fancy occasions, I too find the sleeveless shift dress to be flattering:

My uniform is jeans, a plain top and some kind of jacket. Just like Cindy! I wear sneakers though instead of boots.

What I like about style crushes is seeing when they bust out of the uniform and try something different. That inspires me to try too.

The main difference – apart from me not being a model – is that I never wear heels and I never wear thongs (flip flops) in the street. I prefer leather sandals in summer. I do have a pair of havaianas but they are strictly for the beach or the gym shower.

These images have inspired me to make a bit of effort – and look for some more jackets!