Active wear

I’m almost finished my latest round of chemo and will be shortly looking to rebuild my fitness. Again.

My plan is to reuse the weights and stretching program I was given last time by the hospital exercise physiologist. I’m also going to be trying some Yoga with Adriene. Plus the plan is to eventually start running again. I use the C25K app to rebuild my running skills each time I restart.

To inspire me I have decided to treat myself to a new outfit. Spending the money forces me to at least put my exercise gear on, which is half the battle.

Here’s some leggings from brands that I wear and that are good for running.

PE Nation has some gorgeous gear. On the expensive side for me but they look so cool.

You can’t really go wrong with Nike. Perhaps the design is less cool but they are a safe option, especially when shopping online.

I have seen loads of people wearing these 2XU compression pants but haven’t tried them before now. I think they are for elite athletes really but they were on sale so I thought I’d give them a try.

Running Bare is a local brand and is probably my favourite. Solid quality and flattering styles. I was sorely tempted by this green camouflage pair.

What I look for in running leggings is:

  • Length – I prefer 7/8ths. Ankle length is too long and hot. Any shorter and I don’t think it looks good on my body shape.
  • Material – needs to be thick and stretchy. Too thin and it sags.
  • Pockets – I need to put my keys somewhere. I often pack a few tissues. I generally hold my phone but sometimes put it in a back pocket if there is one.
  • Waist band – one of my Nike leggings has an annoying cut which means the waist band feels like it is falling down as I run. Since buying that pair I now look for higher rise leggings or ones with a thick waist band cut.
  • Style – Generally I go for dark, plain, non-shiny fabrics. I have one pair with a pattern on it (stars) and they are my fallback pair if everything else is dirty. I thought they’d be “fun” but turns out I’m not really a funny pants person.

I did end up buying myself one of these Vivra pouches so pockets in the leggings isn’t such an issue anymore. They attach to the waist band with magnets. Lots of cute fabrics.

Apart from leggings, when I run I wear:

  • A sports bra – I like Berlei sports bras. Wear a decent bra people! Nothing worse than seeing a woman run with jiggling boobs. I just imagine all the tearing and stretching going on. Ouch.
  • My shoes and socks obviously – I get my shoes professionally fitted at Athlete’s Foot
  • A tank top – I mostly wear Running Bare tanks as they are the perfect cut for me
  • In winter I will often start with a jacket which then goes around my waist when I get hot. The extra pockets with a zip come in handy sometimes.
  • A cap is very necessary for sun protection plus it means you can get away without wearing sunglasses which are a pain to run in.

Anyway. Not long to go before I restart my fitness regime for about the 1000th time.

At least I will look the part… until you see me shuffling along.