Winter clothing

Another cold and rainy day gets me looking at raincoats and jumpers.

I love these raincoats from Paqme.

I’m normally quite pattern-shy, but the smallness of the print and the fact that it’s a raincoat make these tempting. I also like this slightly A-line, swing shape.

Polo neck aka turtleneck jumpers are big this year. I do love the look of wearing them under a shirt.

Unfortunately this doesn’t suit my body type. However a longer, looser turtleneck – like this one from Zaket and Plover – does work for me.

Inspired by…

Zaket and Plover have both simple plus more adventurous knitwear which is a bit hit or miss for me. But when they hit, they are really gorgeous knits.

I am a sucker for a stripey sleeve which is perhaps the only pattern I’m comfortable wearing.

I used to have some spotted shirts for work but one day I looked down and thought “I look like a clown in this”. The spots just seemed sad rather than cute. Suffice to say our local Vinnies now has a few spotted shirts on its racks.

I do love a cosy jumper. This Marco Polo one is seriously tempting.