Continuing my theme of liking things even though I don’t think I should buy them at my age and weight…. we come to pink active wear.

At my age I think pink can be a bit lame. I don’t know. This Under Armour top is kind of pretty.

One of the things I love about Lorna Jane is that she often does this criss cross style strap type back, which I just love.

I am looking for a long sleeve running top. This Nike one has glow in the dark piping. Not that I would run in the dark. But I love the thumb straps.

A Running Bare tank top. Probably my favourite brand.

Lorna Jane does great tanks in nice thick material.

I really like the font on this Active Truth logo. Often I have to rule out a shirt because of the too cheezy logo but this one is nice.

This Nike lean waistpack looks super useful. It is meant to be able to fit a phone.

I love all this stuff, but at the same time I have to laugh at the idea of me wearing it all with some fluoro pink leggings to finish the look. And pink trainers!

I’m not quite this eccentric. Yet!