New Over 40 style blogs

Wow. Wow. Wow.

I just found this awesome list of Over 40 UK Style bloggers posted in January by Who What Wear.

Style Pantry is one of those sites that excite me. Sad I know. But when you find a site full of stunning, interesting, clever style… I just love it. It shouldn’t be shameful to love frivolous things. Should it? @stylepantry

Tamu McPherson is the creator of the site: All the Pretty Birds. It’s focus is on fashion, beauty, wellness and culture.

I do think it is hard for one person to generate enough content to create an interesting and regularly updated blog. When done well, a collective like this can build an engaging place to visit.

A Bag and a Beret is a joyful, quirky site full of humorous writing and funny photos. @bagandberet

My list of Over 40 style bloggers has been going down in numbers over the years as people drop out and or get sick of blogging.

Or maybe it’s that people prefer to Instagram these days? Which is a shame as I like the writing too.

Here are links to the Over 40 Style Instagrammers mentioned in the article:

I will be bookmarking and following them all.

It’s a great list.