My mother loved ceramic plates and cups, and so I grew up using chunky grey bowls and wonky coffee cups.

Wingnut and co offer a range of simple, beautiful ceramics where the texture is the hero.

I love the store Chinaclay in Clovelly which has a lovely range of ceramics from a number of local artists.

Tara Shackell offers a range of ceramics with very beautiful forms, and the more earthy glazing similar to my mother’s cups.

Takeawei creates fun, functional, hand-crafted ceramics.

TRADE the MARK offers a range of quirky vases featuring patterned glazing.

Mud Australia are somewhere between a small ceramicist and a large brand tableware provider.

Each of their cups, bowls and plates etc come in a variety of about 19 colours:

West Elm has an attractive range of (mass produced) white ceramic vases in a range of sizes and shapes.

Paper Boat Press are worth a look for their range of ceramic vessels and tags and ornaments.

Papaya is one of my “lottery win” stores, where I would go and spend a fortune if I won the lottery. I just love their minimalist, ethnic vibe.