Style Crush: Naomie Harris

Given that the red carpet is dead during the pandemic, the Fug girls have been doing loads of retrospectives on their site.

My latest style crush is Naomie Harris who I had never heard of until this Fug post.

It’s amazing to witness the evolution of celebrity style over time. It’s hard to believe she went from this…. to this.

Back in the day no one looked very polished. Now people on the red carpet are another level of glam.

Mind you, I wonder how much is decided by things like the choice of stylist and the celebrity’s star power and ability to nab the best frock?

I’ve added here my absolute favourites but there are heaps more beautiful shots at Go Fug Yourself.

I do laugh at the people behind her. An odd choice of backdrop!

This is a pretty basic dress but I absolutely love the pattern.