Under 40 Inspiration

Some women can wear anything at any age. I reckon it is a combination of personality and body shape.

As a tall, broad shouldered woman, I look ridiculous in overly “young” clothing.


I do still love looking at younger style bloggers, especially the ones who are clever and interesting
(and not little better than Page 3 topless models mascarading as style influencers. Put that butt away!)

Here’s some of my latest favourite Under 40 stylish bloggers:

Where did you get that?

IG: @karenbritchick

Atlantic Pacific

Blair Eadie’s blog is an old favourite. Her styling and images are just another level above most bloggers.

An interesting summary of her blogging background in this Q&A.

Wait you need this

Janelle Marie Lloyd is a fashion and retail industry vet with experience as a buyer, stylist, and marketer based in NYC.

Damsel in Dior

Jacey’s blog is a great combination of writing and images.

In my travels I noticed a lot of instagram accounts that looked amazing.

It has started me pondering why I like blogs more than instagram… Maybe I just need to manage the sites I follow better? Maybe it’s just a sign of old age? I just find IG images less satisfying, more impersonal. I don’t know.