I like glasses

Even though it is autumn in Sydney you still need sunglasses. I read this fun article at Vogue about the best 2020 sunglasses which inspired me to have a look around at some of my favourite brands.

Karen Walker sunglasses are always outrageous. I’d love to get on the Northern Lights bandwagon (as seen on Meghan Markle).

I’m OK with buying Toms sunglasses online as their frames are a pretty safe bet.

As always Country Road has a great selection of sunglasses that generally suit my big head.

Oscar Wylee frames seem targetted at a younger but not too outlandish crowd.

Persol sunglasses are pretty expensive but they feel pretty fancy too.

I’m a huge Lizzo fan. I’m so excited by her collection with Quay Australia. Fabulous.

Try at home

At home shopping is not an option for everyone, nor may be worth the risks if you primarily wear glasses.

Try at home works for me because I love being able to get my family’s opinion before I buy stuff, yet am not always keen to go shopping with them.

I don’t like to spend too much on prescription glasses as I mostly wears contacts, so it isn’t worth spending a fortune on something I wear 5 minutes at the beginning and end of each day.

I’ve bought glasses from Sneaking Duck before and I will again. They have the try-at-home option for their prescription lenses.

I love these ones from Sticks and Sparrows who also have a try frames at home option:

Some inspiration

What sent me down this path, apart from the Vogue article, is these great OOTD images from @backofthewardrobe70‘s OOTD IG story.

Follow @SquarePearls for some inspiring OOTD with sunglasses.

Deborah at Fabulous Over 40 also has a great collection of images from Over 40 Style bloggers and their glasses.