Ankle boots

One of my favourite pairs of shoes was some ankle boots with a zip up the back that I bought in Paris (pre-child). I felt like an astronaut everytime I wore them. I think this is why this pair of ankle boots from Eriksson is especially tempting.

My favourite shoes are my Ash Virgin ankle boots. This season Ash has come out with the Genny which is super tempting (even though the zip is on the side).

This season’s Camper Pix boot also has the back zip I love. Earlier versions had elasticised ankles so they are still easy to get on and off.

Hush clothing is another very tempting site for me. I especially love silver shoes. I used to say – You can’t have a bad day wearing silver shoes.


Ankle boots can look a bit silly when you are older, but with the proper styling you can have warm feet and still look fab.

In my twenties I wore short skirts and knee high boots. Always with tights. I’m too old now to wear short skirts but I love this look. I especially love ankle boots with shorts though the analyst part of me thinks that winter shoes and summer shorts don’t logically work.

I love heeled ankle boots but I don’t wear heels myself anymore. I think these midi skirts looks stunning with the sharp heels and pointy toes.