Sack dresses

A recent article in The Guardian reckoned we are all going to emerge from lockdown wearing sack dresses.

For some people, that isn’t going to be a problem. Some people look amazing in anything, including a sack.

Some of my favourite style bloggers have worn sack dresses forever. The style really suits them.

But sack dresses aren’t for everyone.

Or perhaps it is better expressed as not all sacks suit everyone?

For bloggers with a body shape like mine, the sack dress looks better as a sleeveless or t-shirt style dress with a low neck.

The other consideration with sack dresses is how see through they are. Grace looks gorgeous in this white dress but if this was me I would worry about what you could see in sunlight. (I love the shoes. Heeled shoes just look so much better than flats.)

At this point I went into a major detour, into the love filled site: Tamera Beardsley (who turned 60 last year making her eligible to appear in Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style site).

Shop Finds

Here’s some beautiful dresses.

You can’t call them sacks.