Fashion shows after 2020

In the Fashion section of The Guardian have been some interesting articles on the future of the fashion industry, and how the fashion show is over.

There are no real-life catwalks this season, with the first all-digital London fashion week kicking off on Friday, and online-only events scheduled for Paris and Milan next month. Most probably no physical shows for the rest of the year, with September’s fashion weeks looking unlikely. And after that, who knows? Will social distancing and recession kill the catwalk for ever?

LFW 2020 Highlights

Was London Fashion Week Online any good? (New York Times)


Will fashion shows be all-digital from now on? If they are all like this Temperley video, I wouldn’t mind…

With the fashion industry in flux due to COVID and racism challenges, plus ethical and environmental concerns, it will be interesting to see how the industry, and trends in the fashion industry evolve.