Tonic magazine

Today I read about a new online magazine Tonic that has just been started by a group of ex-Dolly magazine people. @weareteamtonic

Media for women has become a lot less personalised. Our area of expertise as a group is to create content that’s very personalised, [to] have a conversation with our audience … It’s not too different to the style we had 30 years ago [at Dolly].


The first issue is out now and has a great style article by Aileen Marr. @aileentmarr

P.S. Do yourself a favour and check out her eponymous website.

Plus Megan Morton has an interiors article.

Megan’s books, especially Home Love (out of print), are some of my favourites.

She manages to both inspire but with love and enthusiasm, rather than off-putting house porn.

@megan_morton (85.7k followers)

Also there’s a great article about starting running which is crazy timing for me as I just ran for the first time since chemo yesterday. Not far. But I started.

PS. I’m desperate to get a pair of the new Nike React trainers.

Designed to help reduce injury, the React Infinity Run features more foam than ever before, giving you the perfect combination of stability and softness.


I loved Dolly magazine when I was a teenager. I really do remember buying it the first few times. The excitement. I was excited about buying a magazine! (Huh. Maybe that’s where my ex magazine addiction started?)

I remember flying to America when I was about 11, just with my brother to meet my dad. And reading Dolly, and feeling – So. Grown. Up.

This also maybe explains why I used to especially love buying a magazine before a flight. Every time. It was part of my routine. Huh. Just realised the connection now.