Amy Schumer

I watched Amy’s latest special – Expecting Amy – in one go.

Her experience with pregnancy is just incredible to watch. I have no idea how she could carry on while feeling so sick, but I guess I know from my own experience that you just do these things. It resonates very much with my experience of chemo, and returning to work while being worried that you might have to cancel work at any second. Living life touch-and-go.

The bit I found fascinating was how she develops her stand-up set. As a regular listener to Wil Anderson’s Wilosophy podcast, where he mostly interviews comedians and asks them about their “philosophy”, I have heard a lot about how comedians develop their shows. The most common process seems to be doing small shows of around 10 to 15 minutes, and building up to a routine of around 1.5 hours over quite a few weeks. I loved seeing how Amy did this.

I could not believe she went back to stand up only 2 weeks after her caesarean. She’s a work-horse.