Desire versus joy

This article by Oliver Burkeman about the difference between wanting something versus the joy of having the thing really resonated with me today.

I love looking at shops but often feel guilty, or don’t feel pleasure, from actually buying things. I only online shop these days. Often by the time the package arrives I feel guilty (if it isn’t something I need or love). The best shopping is of course something I both need, plus it had that little extra something that makes me love it.

I am going through a phase of loving embroidered or frilly shirts, like this one from Witchery.

I think it’s to do with the whole zoom meeting thing, and wanting to look a certain way at work.

Professional but approachable.

Sometimes the easiest thing is to fantasy shop. It can be fun if things are so far out of my price range that I’m not even tempted. I think of this as planning for when I when the lottery.

I also like it when clothes aren’t even in the store yet so I’ve got time to think – Do I really, really need it? Do I really, really love it?