Joyful colour

I seem to be obsessed with pretty colours and bohemian clothes at the moment.

Much browsing has been going on here. I’m looking at locally made things. Things that spark joy. Ernest and Joe have the most beautiful jewellery. I will have one of each please!

I visited the Jag store in person the other day. They have so many nice things in the store. I don’t know who their designers are but they’ve really turned the label around.

It’s rare for me to visit a bricks and mortar store at the moment. Certainly I’d never try anything on in the store. These days I buy online and just return stuff if need be.

Some things may have been purchased online which I want but don’t need. I am panicking a bit about how much I spent. But I’ve decided I will only keep them if I love them.

Other things I can only look at but never buy due to no one else in the family sharing my love for prints.

This is another good reason to have a room of ones own.