Crown yourself

This post about “crowning ourselves” by Tamara Beardsley has really hit a nerve for me.

The key to stopping all our bad habits is really about focusing on finding healthier ways to care and be kind to ourselves.

It needs to be a daily thing rather than waiting until we crash and burn.

If you live your life waiting for wine o’clock every evening there’s something wrong with how you are caring for yourself throughout the day.

If you buy too many things (guilty!), eat too much junk (guilty!), it maybe more socially acceptable than drinking or drugs, but it isn’t great for you or the planet.

Neither is constantly berating yourself for doing these things. I repeat. The key is being kind to yourself and accepting yourself the way you are.

We all have only so many fucks to give each day. If our fuck budget is used up on crap that doesn’t give us joy then of course we are going to try and claw back some joy, the easiest way we know how.

when I talk about your time energy and money, that’s what I call your ‘fuck bucks’. And you have to budget them – the same way you would your regular bucks. You have to say, does this thing on which I’m spending my time energy or money, bring me joy?

Sarah Knight’s The Life-changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck

A reminder to myself to do the daily things that keep me sane. A reminder to look for daily words of encouragement. The repetition strengthens the positive brain paths.