Winter is most definitely still here in Sydney. So what better time to look for summer sandals?

My excuse? They take a while to wear in.

I prefer not to get black shoes in summer, but in fact my current two pairs of sandals that I’m looking to replace are both black.

I’m too old to wear thongs (flip flops), except at the pool, so I need sandals that are similar – easy to put on, easy to wear – but just a bit more appropriate for a mature lady.

I was going to say Saltwater sandals are also too childish for me, but looking at this pair, I think with the right colour they would look ok.

I love these Birkenstocks but I think I might be incapable of spending so much money on a pair of shoes.

There are so many cheaper and more fun alternatives.

I expect that a greater variety of shoe options would bring me more pleasure than one perfect but over priced pair.