No Planet B

I have been reading Sarah Wilson’s new book This One Wild and Precious LifeA Hopeful Path Forward in a Fractured World.

It’s not an easy read to begin with, though thankfully after stating the problems with the world she does start to talk solutions.

Like her previous book, First We Make The Beast Beautiful, it’s not a book for everyone, but certainly I find it reassuring that I’m not alone at despairing at the state of the world, and hopefully by the end I may be more hopeful.

In the meantime my urge to shop is zero. I want to make do and look after the things I already have. In particular Claire’s IG has really inspired me to fix all the things around the house that are bothering me, plus have some fun.

I do still enjoy a browse at Shopbop – because it is so stupid overpriced, I feel zero desire to support businesses that undergo this practice.

What is getting me by is a lot of Instagram. My feed is evolving into more and more inspirational posts.

And cats and dog.

Plus some fashion people who I find inspiring rather than completely unrelatable and dumb. I love stylists who put things together in a way that makes me almost hold my breath. Like styledbysally. Does anyone else get that occassionally where something just looks… I don’t know… next level? Just an amazing combination of colours or something. Where it seems clever – how did they manage to combine those things and make it work? That’s what I love. (Not soft porn fem-robots with plastic faces, weird brows and fake eyelashes. Please stop.)

I’m really actively monitoring and curating my feed to remove anything that makes me sad.

Some places bring me joy, even though there is a risk I will buy stuff… living life on the edge… but their stuff is so joyful!

I listen to Wil Anderson’s podcast Wilosophy, and even though there is a running theme at the moment in his podcasts about how stand up comedians are NOT essential workers… I don’t know… comedy is getting me through this post-chemo fatigue / pandemic life.

Katherine Ryan @Kathbum

So there you go. That’s what’s getting me by.