Crash Landing

I am obsessed with South Korean things – music and shows on Netflix.

The entry point for me was Crash Landing on You, which I have watched twice. I’m anonymous here, right?

I plan to record here my obsession as no one else in my life gets it.

Obsession #1: Multiple earrings / ear cuffs.

I disappeared down a rabbit hole looking for earrings that match those Se-ri wears in Switzerland on the boat.

My investigations led to me learning that the majority of her earrings were from Swarovski. So many of her earrings are easy to buy… except the ones I loved.

I then discovered a mini industry of copies of her earrings on Etsy.

I ended up buying a bunch of earrings and ear cuffs from the Ohana Jewels Shop.

I suspect that I am too old to wear ear cuffs, but I don’t care. At the moment doing something silly and fun is a sign of good mental health, and not worrying about what other people think. Or trying not to.

This obsession is also a result of the K-pop fashions which look like so much fun. I love all the experimentation with hair and clothes and jewellery.

Often idols have multiple, outlandish earrings; including many male idols. Guys wearing necklaces and having earrings in this kind of femme fashion way was big in the 80s. It seems in K-pop this fashion is part of the whole quite feminine look fashionable for male idols.

It looks like fun. I think I’m too old to copy it exactly. But it has reminded me how fashion can be fun.