Style Crush: Seo Dan

OK. So I actually don’t looove Dan’s outfits but I do love the character and how over the course of the series (Crash Landing on You) she goes from cranky fiancee to this cool, tough, brave person.

I love her relationship with her mum, and how similarly your opinion of the mum evolves, from seeing her as just a comical character to ultimately having a lot of respect for how she treats Dan.

And, of course, I love how Sheung-Joon talks to her. The way his character evolves during the series is perhaps a bit cheesy, but I do love the way he talks.

In fact thinking about it now, my opinion of Seri and Jeong-Hyeok didn’t really change over the course of the series. But with Dan and her mum and Sheung-Joon, I went from not liking them to loving them.

Anyways… Dan’s outfits were definitely interesting. She has a long coat, long dress, hair pin, great bag thing going on, which suited her.

I had to include this classic photo… poor girl.

Plus this memorable moment….