Style Crush: Yoon Se-Ri

So part of my obsession with K-Dramas is the clothes.

Koreans do such great woollens and layering (it gets cold in Korea) and tweeds and suits. Both men and women.

Personally I like how dramas and music in Korea are not just the actual story or song, it’s the clothing, the accessories, the behind-the-scenes videos. There is so much content supporting the actual product. It feels less like sales material, and more like additional content for fans.

Sure, the product placements can be shameless… Like when I learnt that most of the earrings in CLOY are from Swarovski, I felt a bit yucky. But at the same time it was great that I could easily find the earrings if I wanted to buy them.

Anyways… I wanted to keep a record here of what Se-Ri wore that I liked. Basically I liked the North Korean clothes, and disliked most of the South Korean and Switzerland outfits.

North Korea

In North Korea I loved her layering. I loved the scarves and belts. There were interesting colour combinations and patterns. It was just so cosy and cool.

This coat is the one everyone loves…

But I was slightly obsessed with the button sleeves on this coat…

And I loved the way she fashioned this uncool jacket to make it look amazing with the belt and the collar up…

South Korea

She wore a few nice pieces in South Korea but most of it was rather dull. Sure it was all designer gear but it just seemed less interesting.

The few bits I liked from South Korea were the big scarf, and the green Rochas outfit (which I couldn’t find a good image of)…