Style Crush: Do Bong Soon

The K-Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a fun trashy watch.

Bong Soon has super human strength. She’s a body guard for a Chaebol son, An Min-Hyuk, but yearns for a different man, In Guk-doo (a policeman).

Actually – full disclosure – I didn’t finish the whole series because I liked the comedy bits but the main crime in it ends up being too serious for what should be a comedy.

I could write a whole page on how I would rewrite the show – keep the basic elements but remove all the inconsistencies and change the crimes to something less serious. In the bit I missed (skim watched) it does go more into the game making business. Again a missed opportunity here as a key designer character is meant to be funny but just isn’t.

But… I loved what the characters Bong Soon (and An Min-Hyuk ) wore.

Great woollens and tweeds and clashing patterns and colour.

Lots of layering with especially good collar combos.

Another unbelievable thing was the number of clothes Bong Soon had.

There is meant to be another series, which I may end up watching, if only for the clothes.