Inspiration vs Influence

Having rediscovered The Satorialist, I have spent a lazy Sunday scrolling and scrolling. 94 pages worth of scrolling.

I wanted to capture here the outfits that I would potentially wear (what I call “inspiration”), plus the outfits that I love but could never wear myself (“influence”).

I quickly realised 80% of the site was influence, 9.99% I didn’t like and 0.01% I would/could actually wear myself.

Things I could wear

It got me thinking about why some outfits appear to be really stylish. To be stylish I think there needs to be one item / aspect that is unexpected but somehow it works. Like a clash of colour or pattern.

Sometimes one accessory is so good that it makes it all work.

Things I couldn’t wear

Firstly, so much amazing mens wear. Just wow.

So many outfits that are made amazing by high heels, which I can’t wear.

A few outfits which I liked require a thin waist that I don’t have.

I absolutely recommend bookmarking this site – The Satorialist.