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Grow up

One of the challenges being over 40, is remaining fashionable without being tragic. Here’s my latest theory how to keep it age-appropriate for me. Don’ts. Never wear head-to-toe trends – […]

On the street

I have a collection of “street style” web-sites that I regularly look at. They are: Elle – Edited collections of photos based on city or trend. Fabsugar – Daily stories […]


A relatively new store in Sydney is Seed. It’s been around maybe 5 or so years? I always thought it was just a kids clothing store, but they also do […]


Some very tempting things at Witchery this season. The Krista Metallic bag: A nice shiny gold take on the popular “gusset” shaped tote. This rib merino waterfall cardigan: It is […]


I’ve started reading Maximum Willpower by Kelly McGonigal – a book recommended by Seth Godin. The book is based on “one of the most popular classes ever offered by Stanford”. […]

The perfect loafer?

Is this ASOS tassel loafer, the perfect loafer? Too dull? Is this ocelot print loafer from Seed the perfect loafer? Love the tassel! Depends if you are on Team Kate…………                 […]