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Black Dresses

Actually. Finding a good summer day dress for work is hard. Especially with my rules. I’ve started searching overseas now (even though the northern hemisphere is going into winter). For […]

The Dress

The easiest solution for summer work outfits are dresses: My rules are: Not dry-clean only Covers knees but not too long No spaghetti straps Conservative colour Not’ too cheap’ fabric […]


Spring has sprung. And with it comes the problem of what to wear to work in summer. (It is so much easier to look smart in winter)…. I need to […]

Tiger Tree

I have been looking for ages for a pendant necklace to complete the look I love – collared shirts with a long, delicate necklace (as seen here at This Time […]

Chunky Brogues

I love the tom-boy look that people like Alexa Chung sometimes wear, with the “chunky” brogues, and a skirt or ankle length skinnies. Either way, no socks. II love these […]


Eyewear. Sunnies. My new obsession. I love this Illesteva pair that Guiliana Tordini is wearing in this photo from Citizen Couture. I also love these cats eyes from Kamali that Taylor […]