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Here's a list of things that I like,
things I am thinking about,
things I am reading,
things that I've bought.

Three Good Things

Science is showing that gratitude is important. From Action for Happiness: …consciously spend a few minutes each day focusing on some of the good things that happen to us. By […]

Sass Clothing

One Australian brand I like is Sass Clothing:      Lots of great tops and jackets. The brand is a bit “young” for me – no knees on show after […]


Some great clothes here: Baukjen. Collared casual shirts, scarves, good skinnies. My uniform! $15 delivery to Australia. Hmmmmm.


I have just spent ages looking through all the stuff on the Toast web-site. I started with the jackets – they have a lovely motorcycle jacket, made with “felted wool”. […]