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I love the J Crew look this season: the gingham combined with the paisley. The clothes themselves are fairly conservative – long skirts over the knee, collared shirts – combined […]

Alan Bradley

I looove the Flavia de Luce mysteries. Part of the appeal is Flavia. She’s a girl detective. Part of the appeal is the time in which the books are set […]

mmmmm…. murmuration

Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo. This video of a starling murmuration is just so so beautiful. Sometimes my life is such a treadmill. Safe, yes. But also I think I know what is going to happen. No surprises left for me! Then you see something like this… and […]

That was quick!

Can you believe it? Only days after saying that I love clutches, a close friend only goes and buys me one. It’s a beautiful black, snake skin one from olga […]