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I am currently doing the Appreciation series on my Headspace app. So every day I spend 20 minutes focusing on my feelings of appreciation and gratitude. I am finding that as the days… Continue reading


My daily Headspace session helps get me out of my thoughts and notice reality.

The answer is…

I’ve been trying to stop the 5 o’clock wine for a while now. I stop and then I start. The difficulty has been working out the reason for it. Why can’t I stop… Continue reading

So Far, So Good

So I started my journaling experiment. The results so far have been interesting. I think. Good interesting. In summary: 1) More happy thoughts about fun things. 2) Less mean thoughts about self. Like… Continue reading

Dear Diary….

Today I decided to start journaling. (Journal sounds posher than diary doesn’t it?) Writing a blog is very different to writing a journal. (Well, it should be in any event. God knows we’ve… Continue reading

Take 10

I started using the Headspace iphone Take 10 app to relax for 10 minutes every day, and I think it’s changing my life. I have been interested and read so much about meditation… Continue reading

Gratitude and Shopping

This blog was meant to be my gratitude journal. Somehow (I don’t know how?) it turned into a shopping blog. I think many days there weren’t too many things I was grateful for.… Continue reading

Bad day?

I need a bit of Oprah today. This quote resonated with me: Grieving has brought up a lot of past hurts from when I was a kid. I can’t accept these feelings though.… Continue reading


Things I am grateful for…. Total Immersion I had stroke correction classes in the Total Immersion technique in February/March and have been practising ever since. The joy in gliding through the water is… Continue reading