Lots of tempting winter gear in the latest Trenery catalogue.           Sometimes I really believe that they release all the dud clothing, and hold off on the good clothing, […]


Are you freaking kidding me? I can’t believe how many good clothes there are at Plumo and how little I can afford them. Cruel, cruel world. I am buying a […]


I absolutely love clothes shopping in The Netherlands. It must be what average height people feel like when they go shopping. Sleeves are long enough. Dress waists are in the […]

Apple and Bee

One of the things on my christmas list is an Apple and Bee travel bag. I think a hook is really, really important for travel bags. So rarely is there […]

More Toast?

I pretty much love everything in the latest Toast catalogue: I love their cut, the decent sized collars, the buttons, the non mini-skirt skirts, the patterns, the colours – mustard […]