Well. I’m glad there are still some shops that tempt me. I haven’t totally given up! I love absolutely everything at Plumo. Gorgeous.


A relatively new store in Sydney is Seed. It’s been around maybe 5 or so years? I always thought it was just a kids clothing store, but they also do […]


Some very tempting things at Witchery this season. The Krista Metallic bag: A nice shiny gold take on the popular “gusset” shaped tote. This rib merino waterfall cardigan: It is […]


I’ve always loved Sportsgirl. I know it’s for teenagers but there is always one or two things that I reckon I can wear at my age. The quality of their […]


The hunt for a good casual jacket will never end for me. I accept that now. Here’s my latest finds at Katies: Waterfall Drape Jacket. Drape Front Jacket. Drape Front […]