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Not pretty

Fashion to me is both a joy and a curse. In the joy part is the feel and colour of a fuzzy cardigan on the first really cold day. The joy of silver… Continue reading

Trinny or Susannah?

After reading this article in the Daily Mail about how Susannah (of Trinny and Susannah fame) has let herself go in her 50s, I felt some relief.     I definitely am on… Continue reading

Fabulous at 50

Alyson Walsh from That’s Not My Age is one of my favourite style bloggers. Recently she was quoted in an article, How to look fabulous at 50 — and the years beyond: …one of the… Continue reading

Planning in Polyvore

I find it helpful sometimes to plan my work outfits in Polyvore.  It gives me a sense of what I need to buy before I’m getting dressed in the morning and realise I… Continue reading

Short Hair

My hair is currently very short. I like to call it a pixie hair cut but it is actually shorter than that. It’s really a buzz cut. Kind of like this: I have… Continue reading

Style Resuscitation

Currently I am on a quest to restart my interest in fashion. Vogue. First of all, I started at Vogue. Where else? I found this street style slide show which suggested the following key… Continue reading

Fashion Weak

Is it just me, or are the outfits outside fashion weeks more silly than ever? Did so many people dress so crazy at fashion weeks in the past? Or has it got a… Continue reading

Same Same

Reading this article about an art director, Matilda Kahl, who wears the exact same thing every day was very reassuring to me.  I try and fight my own inclination to wear similar outfits every day… Continue reading


Continuing on my research in to how to avoid dud clothing purchases, here are some more hints: Fabric 1. Natural fabrics such as wool, angora, cotton, silk and linen are often a good… Continue reading