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Learn from my mistakes

My most recent dud purchase really upset me. I spent a fortune – more than $100 – on a skirt which just turned into a mass of lap wrinkles the first day I… Continue reading

Respect your elders

How inspiring and joyful are these images from Vogue’s July 2013 issue? The photos were taken by Ari Seth Cohen, the man behind the Advanced Style blog and book. I have to say… Continue reading

Back to work – Five outfits

The work wardrobe planning continues. I have come up with five ideal outfits. Outfit One. I love this green shirt. It is a lovely, flow-y silk type fabric. Combining it with the white… Continue reading

Back to Work

I have been looking for inspiration for my work clothes. I’d like to look at little more professional at work this year. Last year was the year of scarves, skinny jeans and long… Continue reading

Why worry?

Whenever I feel bad about thinking about clothes so much…. Surely with a bit of planning you could make getting dressed require less effort?

Style thoughts

Some thoughts on Style. 1. Don’t overdo it. Don’t under do it. Style sits somewhere between fashion victim and mom jeans. Fashion can be fun and inspire you to try new things. At… Continue reading

Big shoulders?

Some interesting examples of the impact of colour and cut using J Crew shirts. Colour and pattern can be used to emphasise or hide your top half:      Sleeve length is important.… Continue reading

Over 50

I loved this slideshow in the Guardian: The 50 best-dressed over 50 Even the most genetically blessed find that while cheekbones may last, the spell cast by youthful beauty loses its power to bewitch.… Continue reading

Wardrobe 101: What I’ve got now

Continuing my series of posts on my new theory of how to build a work wardrobe; one that allows you to take 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning, and helps simplify… Continue reading