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8 Essential Work Pieces

I’m trying to develop my own list of “Essential Pieces”. As I do bother to work sometimes, my list needs to include work items. I found this list from The Grindstone – 8… Continue reading

Body Shapes

Wow! Now that I look, there are a lot of different body shape theories out there: Trinny and Susannah You Look Fab (pretty pear, hot hourglass, adorable apple, statuesque inverted triangle  and racy… Continue reading

Trinny and Susannah

I am now on a mission to plan my wardrobe – before buying anything else. So I’ve started researching. First stop is Trinny and Susannah with their tips on what suits your body… Continue reading

Colour face off

Ok. Am obsessed by clothing colour versus hair colour. Yellow. See how it highlights blond hair. Does nothing much for brunettes?              White. It highlights blond hair. Whereas it can look quite… Continue reading


Here’s some colours that work for brunettes: Here’s some colours that look blah for brunettes:


Here’s some nice colours for blonds: Here’s some colours that don’t work for blonds:

Blondes vs Brunettes

Since having a blond daughter, I have become interested (obsessed) with the way colours work on blonds versus brunettes. I have had to learn a different style of shopping for her, as colours… Continue reading

Seven Rules

Yesterday there was this article in the Daily Mail with seven rules for dressing over 40: 1) invest in lingerie – good bras 2) flatter your waist – see below 3) flash your… Continue reading

Dressing for Your Age

“As you age, less is more.” Am reading an article/slideshow in Oprah on “Dressing for Your Age“. I do love a before and after: “The short crop jacket, that goes kind of trapeze,… Continue reading