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Online shopping rules

A friend asked me the other day if I buy everything online and I realised that I didn’t. Some things you just got to try on. Here’s my rules: Things I buy online:… Continue reading


As part of trying to manage dressing appropriately in my 40’s I’ve come across some differing opinions as to what is appropriate. I don’t mean things like ‘hide your muffin’ top. That’s obvious.… Continue reading

Before and After

My latest fashion blog find is: Everyday Mom Style. I love the way she takes a bad (nay, evil) look and makes it good (hoorah). I think it is kind of like before… Continue reading

The Dress

The easiest solution for summer work outfits are dresses:         Ping Pong                                                   Esprit                                   … Continue reading

Red shoes?

My profound thinking this morning has been about what a mistake red shoes are. Dull red shoes I mean.                                           Not fancy red shoes.          I realised that with the dull… Continue reading

Colour me happy

If you are not going to wear black (which I am trying not to do), then I reckon you have two options. Either go the smart, mature, neutrals path. (Snore). Or just go… Continue reading

It all started when….

I read Styling You by Nikki Parkinson. The things I love about this site: Her posts on how to dress like Nina Proudman. I love how Nina dresses but she is super skinny.… Continue reading

The Clash

I’m loving clashing patterns at the moment.          Stripes and florals.            Dots and florals.      Gingham and paisley.        Lace and denim.        Zigzags and batik.             Tartan and… Continue reading

Jean Theory

So, I am an analyst by trade. And I am tall. And I am new to internet shopping. So… what must I do but research! Here are my findings on Buying Jeans Online:    It’s… Continue reading