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I like trainers

In the age of online shopping, a good brand makes purchasing easier as you trust whatever they will deliver meets your expectations. One such company for me is Blowfish shoes, which just work… Continue reading

Summer is On

After not shopping much for over a year, summer has just arrived and I was facing the prospect of going out wearing my Havaiana thongs (which I normally only wear in the gym… Continue reading


What happens when you buy a dud pair of shoes? Do you cry? No! You buy another pair. I love this pair of shoes from Sofia Cruz. They are comfortable to walk in,… Continue reading

9 Shoe Trends

One site / app I look at occasionally is PopSugar.  I like the street style and fashion posts. This post on shoe trends caught my attention with its 9 shoe trends. I’m so… Continue reading

Sol Sana

Sol Sana is a shoe brand where I pretty much would happily buy every single shoe they make.  If I designed shoes this is what I would design. I love comfortable shoes (i.e.… Continue reading


I saw these shoes in the Wittner window the other day.   They are the perfect take on the laced shoe trend. The slightly thicker straps on the side make these shoes look… Continue reading


Flat shoes are so often boring compared with high heel shoes. I was just bemoaning (in my head) the fact that those Boden Alice shoes didn’t come in flats when I found that… Continue reading

And… I’m back

Thanks to the wonderful Australian health care system, and the powers of Endone, I am back home and feeling good. (The hospital really has to do something about the constant dinging of the… Continue reading


Flat shoes are not the most exciting shoes in the world. But they are comfortable. I only wear flat shoes, so I often look for inspiration on how to wear flat shoes without… Continue reading