Frocks, Skirts

Desire versus joy

This article by Oliver Burkeman about the difference between wanting something versus the joy of having the thing really resonated with me today. I love looking at shops but often […]

Sack dresses

A recent article in The Guardian reckoned we are all going to emerge from lockdown wearing sack dresses. For some people, that isn’t going to be a problem. Some people […]


I’m a sucker for stripey tops and jumpers. The questions is – can you ever have too many stripey tops? Boden is the king / queen of stripey tops. And […]

Window Shopping

Sometimes I love to “window shop” online. This is where I look for clothes with no intention of buying. Kind of like fantasy football. I also like to work out […]


This skirt has such great pockets that I don’t care how it looks, how it doesn’t suit my body type, it’s too short, I have no waist. It has pockets! […]

Denim skirt

In winter I wear jeans all the time because I feel so comfortable in them. It is hard to force myself to wear something else. In summer, my denim skirt […]

The ball

Of all the photos from The Met Ball this is the one that fascinates me: Anna Wintour, the most powerful woman in fashion, and her daughter. It fascinates me because […]

Shop til you drop

A great pencil skirt from Ginger and Smart: Karen Walker sunglasses: Gold is still solid: Carla Zampatti is a great Australian label. I love her stuff. Just too expensive for […]