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Guided relaxation

This is my go to guided relaxation when I need to wind down:

Bad habits

I have a fair few bad habits – don’t we all? – and I love reading books about how the brain works. I find it especially fascinating how the subconscious works. For example,… Continue reading

Getting healthy

One of my recent discoveries was this book by Kayla Itsines: I was browsing the bookstore looking for… a healthy meal plan actually. I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat… Continue reading

Food alternate facts

Sometimes I really wish that someone would just organise all my food and exercise for me (hell, my life), so I’d didn’t need to think about it. Sometimes I could quite happily just… Continue reading

Risk Reduction

I promised a friend of mine that I wouldn’t go all weird after getting cancer (and start having coffee enemas and the like. I am sorry for even typing coffee enema). But. But… Continue reading

Back Pain

I have chronic back pain. It’s not too bad most of the time. I manage it with exercise and very rarely need to see my osteopath or take pain killers. Sometimes though it… Continue reading

My Fitness Pal

I’ve just started using My Fitness Pal and I have to say that I am really impressed. This truly isn’t an infomercial. I promise. I just am amazed at the world we live in. That… Continue reading

Veggie Cooking

I found this useful cheat sheet for cooking veggies. Just saving it here for future use. Unfortunately it doesn’t have baking times.  Nor does it have pumpkin or sweet potato (which are our… Continue reading

Healthy Diet Paradox

The paradox with healthy eating is that you don’t want to end up labelling food “bad”, but at the same time you want to make healthier food choices. My diet “research” (I have… Continue reading