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While I have been convalescing from my operations there is always a day or two where my brain is awake but my body is tired; including my eyes. This is where podcasts, audiobooks… Continue reading

Things I love

What keeps me going? Cappuccino. Staying in bed on a rainy day. Sigur Ros played loud. The thought of skiing some time in the future. And cat videos.


The music loving weekend continues… One of the best holidays of my life involved going to San Sebastian to see Radiohead play. San Sebastian is a gorgeous town at the best of times… Continue reading

Talk Talk

I have to say one of my favourite bands is Talk Talk. Since we got Mog I’ve just been going nuts listening to music all the time. I love the Radio slider feature… Continue reading

Sigur Ros

I love this. It makes me cheery. I love Sigur Ros.