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I really like vintage scarves. Rumisu makes the most amazing scarves. Great patterns, similar to vintage scarves, plus good sizing so they work well as head or neck scarves. Unfortunately they are outside… Continue reading

Head Scarves

I’ve been looking into getting some wigs and hats for when I start chemo next month. I’ve also been looking for inspiration on how to wear head scarves.  Here’s some of my favourites:… Continue reading

Don’t Look

I’ve decided that winter is over. We basically haven’t had winter in Sydney this year. I bought a coat and wore it once. (What a waste of money!) I’m so upset I’ve decided… Continue reading

Can’t help thinking about…

You know when you see stuff, and you love it, but don’t buy it, but you can’t help thinking about it? Well I’ve got a few of those at the moment. I yearn… Continue reading

Shopping List

I’m planning on doing some shopping today. On my list of places to visit are: Country Road. (how bad is the styling of this cardigan?) scarves by likesofme featuring woolen scarves Wool shawl… Continue reading

Scarf Selection

A few “summer” scarves that are calling my name. Country Road. Trenery. Witchery.

Great scarf

Inspired by this post at Does My Bum Look 40. The monochrome trend is everywhere. Probably my favourite is at Sportscraft: Lots of monochrome at Seed: Spots and anchors at Country Road: Animal… Continue reading

A Butterfly Print Scarf

This scarf reminds me of the Mulberry Fabulous Finches scarf, which I just love: Only this scarf is from Warehouse and is much cheaper. Top of my list of things to reward myself… Continue reading

How to tie a scarf

Finally!   I’ve always heard talk about how the french are so fabulous with their scarves. blah. blah. Worth the watch.