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Belted Tops

A flattering style can be the belted top. But if, like me, you have no waist you have to be careful which styles you choose.  Key things that work for me are: Thick… Continue reading

Fashion Finds

After much effort I did find some things that I may want to buy… This shirt from JAG: These brogues from David Lawrence: Plus Toast always inspires me:

I am a magpie

Suddenly, out of nowhere, light blue is my new favourite colour. Perhaps I have been working too hard and miss seeing the sky? I don’t know. I’m just trying not to turn into… Continue reading

Shopping List

I’m planning on doing some shopping today. On my list of places to visit are: Country Road. (how bad is the styling of this cardigan?) scarves by likesofme featuring woolen scarves Wool shawl… Continue reading

Pattern hypothesis

So. I had this theory. My theory is that I only have plain or striped tops because I just don’t try. The mission: To look at the 2663 tops at Shopbop and see… Continue reading

Micro trend: striped sleeves

Am obsessed with striped sleeves poking out from bracelet length jackets and knits: Bitter sweet colours. Atlantic pacific. My Daily Style

Smart Casual

This shirt from Sportscraft nails that smart-casual look: Sportscraft. Perfect for work and after work. Gorgeous colour. Sportscraft has always aimed at the ‘mature lady’. Seems like I’ve reached that age. It all… Continue reading

Five Stars

Such a gorgeous shirt from Equipment, with stars instead of dots:                   Equipment | Slim Signature printed washed-silk shirt. Equipment is really pricey but their cut is perfect, and the fabrics are so lovely (silk)… Continue reading

Party O’Clock

Party month is almost here. Nanette Lepore. Sabine Boudoir.