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Awareness and acceptance. I have always thought that if you think someone has the perfect life, it just means you don’t know them well enough. Everyone has loss and sadness in their life… Continue reading

Finding Joy

Four months or so ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had surgery and now I’m doing chemo. I’ve come to feel like being a cancer patient has become my life. It… Continue reading

Fail Again

During my last two months of chemo, I have not been posting here because my brain has been mush. Now I’m over the worst my brain is starting to function again.  I guess… Continue reading


I have been researching face and skin care stuff you need to survive chemo, and it occurs to me that a lot of this stuff is useful whether you have cancer or not.… Continue reading

Risk Reduction

I promised a friend of mine that I wouldn’t go all weird after getting cancer (and start having coffee enemas and the like. I am sorry for even typing coffee enema). But. But… Continue reading

A Pause

There is going to be a slight pause in blogging. I was diagnosed with early breast cancer last week. I caught it very, very early so this is just a slight road bump,… Continue reading